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If you’re gonna stay with very common elements, then yes, a pre-built is most probably cheaper. However, when you go into high end or cutting edge processors & peripherals, then you can not so often even find pre-built’s with these things, let alone for cheap prices.

For ~$1300 I have a Core i7-2600K @3.4ghz (newest when I bought it); 16GB RAM; KILLER motherboard (ASUS P8P67pro) – On board SATA 6G x2, 3G X 6; 1394, USB 2 (lots), USB 3 X 4, eSata X 2, audio, PCIeX16 X 3, PCIeX2 X 2, PCI X 3, so much more; 750 Watt modular power supply (only as many cables as I need); KILLER case (Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower) with three internal fans, huge amounts of air flow, filters 6 internal drive bays, 4 external drive bays, hot swappable SATA dock, front & back USB 2, USB 3, eSATA; EVGA GeForce GT430 vid card (96 Cuda cores + 1GB DDR3 RAM – makes Vegas work very nicely); twin 3TB 7200 RPM SATA 6G HD’s; no overclocking but hyperthreading turned on.

Bottom line is I got something better than Alienware or BOXX even offers for far less than their closest candidates. Yes, I did have to work a bit (still adding pieces) but I anticipate using this box for seven – ten years (life of the pc it’s replacing).

I still have yet to do full comparisons but a 12 hour render (single pass) of an 87 minute SD piece on my old box (Pentium IV @ 2.6ghz w/3GB RAM, generic vid card w/256MB RAM, Win XP Pro 32 bit, Vegas Pro) now takes about 64 minutes!

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