If you’re going to do chro


If you’re going to do chromakey, Ultra2 is the best (now from Adobe).

After Effects is another must have (even though I don’t have it – I will at some point).

Since you’re looking to go via the web, Sorenson Squeeze is another tool you’ll find invaluable.

Pick any of the leading NLE’s (Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro if you use a MAC, etc…) – They’re all good – just find the one you like.

Some good titling software is a must (Bluff Titler for a start, Zaxwerks Pro Animator is really powerful).

Good royalty free assets (music, sound effects, stock video and photos, clip art, backgrounds, etc….) – Digital Juice is a great resource for all of that and very cost effective.

This is a start- There’s always more if have the $$$$$$$$$.

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