If you’re doing single-cam


If you’re doing single-camera continuous coverage of the entire game, get as high up as you can. It’s important to see the players’ positions relative to each other.

If you have a 2nd camcorder, but no 2nd camera person, try mounting both camcorders on the same tripod. (I’ve seen this done using a 10″ board and some 1/4 – 20 hardware. Or, you might find some appropriate brackets at your local camera store.) Keep one camcorder on a wide shot showing almost all the players, and use the other to zoom in for close-ups.

Following a pass or kick isn’t all that difficult, as long as you stay loose. But if you’re talking about a slow-motion close-up of the ball, that’s definately done in post.

BTW, you can see good examples of single-camera coverage at http://www.KBCSports.com .

Good luck!


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