If your Sony camcorder als


If your Sony camcorder also has a D/V in out on it like my Digital 8 does, I plug the D/V in out cord into my camcorder, on the other end of the cord you should have red audio, white audio, and yellow video RCA Plugs.

I would run these into the IN jacks on the back of a VHS VCR make sure that your VCR is tuned to the correct channel or line in function every VCR is different some have LINE IN or some other way to activate this function. from there you can run a coaxial cable from the back of your VCR to a Splitter and go to your TV sets. If I use Screens or devices that don’t have a coaxial cable input( like a video projector), I hook my coaxial cable back into a VCR( What this does is hooks two VCRs together one on each end of the coaxial cable) then I run RCA cables from my VCR out jacks to my video screen. Kinda low tech too but it works. You just have to make sure all of your line in, line outs, and channels are correct. I use this at our church and I run the coaxial cable over 500 feet between VCRs. One trick I found when activating the VCR next to my camera I just put a tape in the VCR and push play it will activate your coaxial out on your VCR to the VCR on the other end as long that VCR is on Channel 3 then your line out RCA jacks should work to your Screen inputs.

You can eliminate the VCRs by going to Big Lots or Radio Shack probably has them too, they make
a video convertor that coverts coaxial inputs to RCA outputs for monitors that don’t have coaxial cable input output.

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