If your computer slows dow


If your computer slows down,or locks up only when you use a certain software app.,that would be a good clue that you need a less complicated app.,or, a more power packed computer,I use several editing app.s,Windows Live Movie Maker,Cyberlink Power Director 8,Edius Nero 2,I find that ONLY Nero locks up when working with a video longer then 40 minutes,but that isnt really a problem,most of my videos deal with wildlife,and or nature subjects in one way or another,so I work mainly with stuff when complete runs from 3 minutes to 20 minutes,I know I will sooner or later get a newer,better,faster tower,but that will have to wait,Im having fun now,and can manage as it is,however YOU may need to UPGRADE now……………….and just like a car,NEW doesnt mean better…………..go online and hav a gander at BestBuy PC’s………..

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