If you want to use phantom


If you want to use phantom power, just turn off the switch on the mic. If you don’t want to use phantom power, turn the phantom power off and turn the mic switch on.

You will typically be fine using a mic that doesn’t require phantom power even if the phantom power is turned on. Most modern mics will just “ignore” the phantom power if it’s not needed. I’ve never heard of a device that offer phantom power (camera in your case) being damaged by turning phantom power on. It doesn’t make much sense to make a product that can damage itself. That’s not good for business – unless you’re making explosives.

I have heard of mics being damaged by phantom power though. These mics are usually ribbon mics and are typically very fragile and aren’t the type of mic that you would use for field recording anyway. They are also usually very old mics. Even modern ribbon mics are typically made to ignore phantom power if they don’t need it.

It’s always best to turn off the phantom power if you don’t need it, but there’s no reason not to use it if you need it.


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