If you want to get the ent


If you want to get the entire game on video, from the stands in a high spot is the best angle to cover all the players and it is much easier to follow. I would suggest if it is possible, to use a 2 camera setup, 1 in the stands to get all the action, and another on the ground to get some closeups and better shots. You can edit in the close shots when you have good ones in post. I have been doing HS sports (football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, etc) for several years and still love it! I do highlight videos for several different high school teams in my area as well as recruiting videos for individual athletes.

If you are doing highlights, having some ground shots is really nice in about any sport.

As far as the college and NFL games, they have several cameras for a given game and can have a few that focus on the football on a pass play.

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