If you want high quality H


If you want high quality HD recordings, you must record at 24 Mbps. There is no option. The moment you reduce the rate, you reduce the quality and end up with Standard Definition or a derivative and poor quality of that

To get the HD quality on a DVD, it ain’t gonna happen. DVD’s only record and play in SD at 480 lines. No DVD does HD. HD records and plays in 1080 lines. You need Blu-Ray to get that quality. So no matter what you do, you will not get what your camera shot at 24 Mbps on a DVD.

The best work around is to record that in a file such as Windows Media (.wmv) or Quick Time and play it back on a computer hooked to the HD TV screen. Then you will see the results you want. I’ve done lots of .wmv shots and they are stunning, sharp, clean, beautiful. I’ve not had good luck with Quick Time – maybe because I use Vegas Pro 10 and not a Mac – don’t know. But the world lives in pc’s and that is where the audience is.

Or of course you can record it in a Blu-Ray disc. Now you know

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