If you want good audio you


If you want good audio you need a cam with an external mic. I recommend a Rode videomic. Its stereo and very nice. Its not cheap to do video unless its pretty crappy video. Stay away from anything that has anything besides tape for storing the vid. Reason being is that all other methods use compression. You don’t want to edit something that has been saved in Mpeg-2 then render it out to something else. It creates too many compression artifacts. The more pristine the original video is meaning as uncompressed as possible the better the output. If I were looking for a get in set-up that will go quite a ways before you’d have to upgrade is a Canon HV-30 and a Rode VideoMic. That gives you sd and hd camera tape for storage although its encoded but then again all HD has to be compressed highly unless you go to a P2 type over 10K camera. Vegas software handles SD and HD very well. Even includes a codec that will make proxy copies of your HD footage for you to edit then when you encode it uses the original files. Speeds things up a bunch. Anything that is going to the net needs to be deinterlaced. Progressive only on the net. Interlacing looks horrible in certain situations and the whole vid will benefit from deinterlacing. Any video is recorded through a codec. Won’t work eny other way. Download handbrake for free. Its the best free encoder I’ve seen. The docs are worth the download. Very in depth. I only use quicktime for making streaming video for the net. Its a one step process that creates a directory with all the files necessary to put the video on the net. Even the html. Just stay away from itunes and don’t turn on the automatic updates. Check the box that only gives you quicktime. And you’ll need to give them 30 bucks for the pro version if you want to encode. Worth it in my opinion since its one step and does a combined file with iphone and other forms all in one file. Makes it much easier on the site developer. The QT version looks like this on the net once its encoded and uploaded http://www.promofo-racing.org/video/Offroad-NCRC/Offroad-NCRC.html Don’t try and do it on the cheap. It will just frustrate you and if you do get into it you’ll end up buying equipment all over again. Take it from someone that has been down that road.


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