If you use auto focus, you

AvatarGuy Healey

If you use auto focus, you need to be sure it is reliable and you have a position higher than the field of play to avoid spectator heads or players not involved in action, but closer to camera, tricking the camera out of focus. If these two conditions are met, then it is probably better than manual if you want to zoom in to varying points of play up and down the pitch.


A rule of thumb for shutter speed is to have it at twice the frame rate (e.g. 50 fps means a shutter speed of 100) but this is a general rule and you should experiment with the look. I would also shoot 1080 and cut at 720 to give you some options for reframing in post if 720 is acceptable for delivery (if it is DVD, you have even more latitude if the output is SD).

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