If you open the settings b


If you open the settings box once you pick one of them – you can choose the frame rate “24.000 (Film)” If you needed to up-convert to 30 fps, that shouldn’t hurt your footage too much. If it was recorded at 24fps, you will never visually get more than 24 fps no matter what format you render to. When I shot a TV show, it was recorded in 24pscan for this reason – it was natively in a 29.97 wrapper, but visually was 24p.

For best results for YouTube uploading though, I suggest rendering to a .mxf file. Even if you upscale the bitrate to 35 VBR or 50 CBR, it preserves the original better, and YouTube does a much better job converting this type of file rather than an AVCHD file. My own personal observation and opinion!

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