If you need to ADD/READ ti


If you need to ADD/READ timecode MarkerTek, B&H & other houses, sell stuff made by Horita that will do the job – several types of timecode reader/generators. I use one for making VHS timecode dubs for clients to generate their EDLs with.

But, as has been said, virtually ANY device, from camera to player and/or player/recorder deck, operating in the current MiniDV, or even DVD environment, offers visual time code that is accurate enough to plan your project using the old method of stopping/starting and writing down the numbers on a tablet.

Most editing systems dealing with today’s production platforms/formats, such as Final Cut Pro, even the diverse Casablanca models and series from its early days to date, offer accurate timecode or runtime feedback. FCP and 3rd party software for it and may other platforms also offer varying degrees of automated or hand written EDL generation and editing planning.

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