If you mean the AG-HVX200A


If you mean the AG-HVX200A then that’s a very sweet rig. the AZden 325 has a unbalance 1/8″ output, the Maudio Micro Track II has a unbalance 1/8″ input. the AG-hvx200a has both a XLR and RCA inputs, you will need a 1/8″ to RCA male to connect the AZden 325 to your rig, you can get those at Radio shack.

TheAG-HVX200A has 2 audio channels so the AZden 325 with a Micro Track II for a backup will work very well with theAG-HVX200A. When setting up the Microtrack II for backup set the audio levels -6 db less then the levels on your cam, and your cam should peak at -12 db

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