If you market, you will ma


If you market, you will make it. If you develop your talents and know your equipment, you can successfully market yourself both as a gunner, and as an independent producer, provided you also have the necessary hardware to edit and deliver.

So far as education goes, you need to have an understanding of business operations, as well as production, and the knowledge of audio/visual acquisition. There are a LOT of gunners “out there” who do nothing but hire themselves and their cameras, though usually these individuals have invested in top end camera equipment and perhaps even a Steadicam system.

Whatever element you decide to specialize in, or if you elect to pursue a business career as an independent video services provider, offering everything for event video production from acquisition to editing, to production, packaging and delivery, the business can certainly be profitable.

Best Products

The best video monitors — 2021

We rely on our video monitors to show us an accurate representation of our images throughout the production process. Here are some of the best video monitors currently on the market.