If you have two characters


If you have two characters talking to each other in your short film and they were shot at different times(because they were played by the same actress), then you might have a hum or noise difference between cuts because the A/C came on or whatever.Record foley ambience and boost it a little to helpor maybeput music underneath it.

I’m serious! That happened to me on my last film, where the girl has a duel persona in the script and they stuck me as audio/foley editor. They couldn’t shoot at the same time, because the other persona had a bunch of makeup, so there was noise problems.

Also,when you make your motion graphics title sequence in After Effects, nestor precompose your comps/layers. Then if you misspell the actress’s name, you can change it easily. Same film. I was so glad I’d organized. Organization is a great thing.

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