If you have the right soft


If you have the right software capabilities, you could add a set of graphics(even 3D graphics) elements to your video along with sped-up shots of successful kills, possibly even made by experienced, or have somewhat of a skill ofshooting itthe first time, hunters. Fast rock music would also add to the drama. Something like what I mentioned above would make a great first impression… but like Rob and Composite said, shortening the length is also a good strategy. You should also have a pre-determined format for your video. Will it be in commercial form or short TV episode? Maybe a five-minute tutorial similar to that of which Videomaker has created a bunch of? A commercial form probably shouldn’t be any longer than 5 minutes. If it’s a TV ‘mini-sode’, you could probably get away with something at about 15 minutes or less. You should also be mindful of rules which the contest might have about this.

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