If you have been using Veg


If you have been using Vegas Pro fro some time, I don’t see a need to change. HOWEVER, I will say that I started with Pinnacle, and occasionally open it for certain niche things. One plus was that it had Magic Bullet Looks bundled with it (Version 14 Ultimate at the moment), which is a $500 addon for the same thing in Vegas. With the 64 bit though, I finally bought it for Vegas as the speed for rendering in 64-bit Vegas was well worth it for the volume of work I was doing. Another plus is the ScoreFitter. If you need some quick royalty free music in a hurry, this is good. It also has some other Red Giant plugins that you would spend quite a bit of $ on for a pro NLE. Other than that Pinnacle is very, very unstable. If you like crash fests this is for you! But honestly if you have been using Vegas PRO – why go full time backwards to a comsumer NLE? Pinnacle lacks many of the professional tools. If you already have it, use it like I do – for niche little things you need in your videos.

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