If you have a lawyer and y


If you have a lawyer and you can’t do without the job, take the contract to the lawyer and write in your own stipulations that will protect you in the event of the client delaying the project. Better yet, write up your own contract and see what they say to your defined guidelines. Define dates of completion of certain milestones in the project, define dates when the client will give you certain materials to complete the project, and define what happens when the client doesn’t get you the materials on time.

It’s hard to turn away work if you don’t have any other work readily available, but as long as you communicate what you want and need to the client and they accept your requirements, you (everybody) will be happier in the long run. Communication is one of the key reasons for a contract (besides protection). Everybody is on the same page when the details are written out.

In any event, it could even be argued that the work will suffer under such demands, and for the sake of the project you would prefer to renegotiate the contract.

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