If you have a chance to set


If you have a chance to set up a business for yourself, I’d say go for it! There are many who would like to but have no idea how to access the customers or get started.

It sounds like you have equipment already. Any chance you could video a wedding or event for a friend before getting in front of clients? You might find your current equipment is fine, but you may also discover the opposite.

The drawbacks of DSLRs are getting less and less (rolling shutter is a good example), but in the semi-pro consumer space, there are probably better options now that are more targeted toward the type of thing you want to do.

The form factor of DSLRs never really made sense for video, so the new hybrid camcorders are very interesting to those more interested in video.

Technology changes fast and everybody is different with unique requirements.

I suggest to spend some time reading reviews, watching YouTube test videos and anything else you can find to feel confident making your decision.

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