If you don’t set some terms


If you don’t set some terms and costs, the project will eventually end with hard feelings and regrets on both sides…

thanks for the helpful advice. This makes a lot of sense. Maybe after the initial meeting next time I’ll set up 2 rounds of feedback: one after an early rough cut, then a final chance after the video is completed. Then that’s it! No more! I don’t care what your teenage stepson says dammit! 😉

I agree that working with friends can be difficult and tricky. Fortunately, things didn’t get too dramatic. Eventually I considered which battles were worth fighting for and some battles didn’t seem worth taking a stand on. One member insisted on putting end credits on himself, claiming it would prevent piracy. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s not how it works lol but the next time I will definitely clear that part up from the beginning. I think he just wanted to have his name on the screen. Sometimes I wonder if everyone considers themselves a video genius because they’ve watched movies and TV their whole life. Everyone considers their idea to be gold no matter how incongruent it may be to the rest of the piece. Anyway I digress…

The video was completed (such as it is) and the reality is that it’s unlikely that much will happen with it. It’s just embedded on their website, maybe racking up views by the dozen from friends and family. In a few months they probably won’t even care. The ordeal gave me an idea what my editing program is capable of doing, and all the negatives will have to be lessons for the future. Terms, costs, etc need to be worked out from the beginning.

I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received here. Lots of great perspective you guys are giving me and all the other passerby.

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