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If you can do it with someone else handling the audio, and if that someoneis goodwith operatinga boomand staying out of shot, then a shotgun mic pointed at the subjects is likely to producevery natural sounding results. A good operator can move the mic to cover each speaker. However, if you are planning on doing wide and distant shots, maybe not so good an idea.

A fewyears ago I worked on a weekly lifestyle TV show where for much of it a presenter sat in a chair and interviewed one or two guests seated on a couch. We had cardioiod Lav’s on each of the guests and the presenter. Before recording each segment of the show, someone would help the guest’s put on their wireless mic, and the presenter ( a very pretty blonde) got good at positioning her own own one. The show was pre-recorded rather than aired live. The idea of the cardioid mics was that we recorded each person to a separate track, and since the were fairly close together, it lessened the spill between mics because they were more directional.
In practice when the mics were positioned right it worked well. But there were times when the mic would shift position if the people moved and if the mics weren’t securely positioned, instead of them pointing at the mouth like they should have been) they might slip and face out in a different direction and the sound of the voice would change, even becoming hollow if too far off postion. There were times when sound checking before recording when I would have to tell the presenter in her earpiece to reposition her mic because I wasn’t getting the best sound to tape, or send someone onto the set to adjust the guests Lavs.
It wasn’t a problem most of the time, but if we had been going live to air and a mic had slipped roundit would have changed the sound a bit (toit’s detriment).

Omni Lavs would be easier if only one person was being mic’d and interviewed, but if several people were interviewed together that could cause it’s own set of problems.

Personally I wouldn’t use built in mics ona portable recorder. They are generally pretty average quality, and tend to pick up every sound nearby (and further away). I would record to them but with mics plugged into them.

This tutorialmay help in Understanding The Different Types of microphonesif you want to know a bit more about the options available.

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