If you are recording direc


If you are recording directly to computer then the answer is no, a stand alone mixer will not help much. You already have a mixer in soundtrack pro. You can add a midi controller if you like to make it feel more like a mixer, but it will have nothing to do with how it sounds.

A few things affect sound quality, one metion above is acoustic. and the pro gear to fix this is expensive, but there are some cheap fixes. If you have a room that you can dedicate to recording you can treat this room by installing a thick pad under your carpet, and then carpet your walls. you do not have to cover the entire wall but just the areas that are reflecting your audio.

The next area that affects your Quality is the AD converter. you say your using the mic input from the mac, while this is ok for Ichat, it doesn’t even come close to being good enough for recording a project. you will have to buy a good A/D converter. this is the primary key to getting a good recording. spend your money here on getting a good mic preamp and a good A/D converter. If you want to save money you can combined them such as the MOTU 8 Pre, this will give you 8 channels of input.

the next area is Mics, hence that is the start of the chain it should be your strongest link. you can have the best of everything if your mic can not produce a quality as good as the rest of the system then you have wasted money.

hope this helps, a good mic that you can use for both audio and gutiar is the EV RE20 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/76681-REG/Electro_Voice_16207816_RE20_Cardoid_Voiceover.html

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