If you are on stage


If you are on stage performing, the most important thing is NOT the camera, but somebody to work it! If you are intending putting them online, I would also suggest that a minimum of two cameras are required, because single camera videos are dull, and boring. The other can be a fixed angle – the operated camera doing closeups and variation. A comedian also needs very good audio. You can get all kinds of static camera mounts, but the results will be ultra dull. Watch out for running time limitations. Maybe a go pro on a mic stand, close in will give you closeups that are interesting. Low light is never the problem people say it is if you want a full head to feet shot. 95% of my work comes from theatre and fixed cameras can easily be focused on static shots. I’d also think about quality – do you really need 1080HD? some excellent 720 real cameras appear on ebay and they often go for very low prices, and can have proper mics connected. A simple camera that can have a flip out viewfinder rotated so you can see yourself is pretty handy. Lighting will either help or hinder, depending on your venues. I also play in a tribute band, and have tried on many occasions to do an unmanned recording of our set – with sometimes 4 or 5 static cameras, and they all look dull and boring! Just one real cameraman makes a hell of a difference to the feel.

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