If you are looking to repl


If you are looking to replace your machine you should take a look at the new Apple macs. They are a great option for an editor. The new intel macs are fast, they are not prone to virus’ and spyware like their windows counterparts. With the intel macs you can dual boot into windows if you need to and unlike traditional dual boot you get a very good looking graphic interface and Apple couldent have made it easier to set up and use a dual boot system. The software even burns a cd for you which contains all of the drivers for windows. Like they say Macs "Just Work" I converted from being a very proud windows user (Hated macs untill a. I realized that most companies in this industry use mainly macs and b. I got a job in which the whole studio was on macs and was forced to learn how to use a mac. I havent looked back. I bought the first mac mini the day it came out. Also I recently purchased a intel mac mini to use at home. It is an excelent editor. It has a dual core processor and 2 gigs of ram. My ideal comp would be a (as of yet unreleased but are expected by July-August) Mac Pro maxed out with several gigs of ram and the fastest processors available. But a more modestly priced system would be either an iMac or a Mac mini with the max amount of ram. A mac book pro or Mac book would also be great for editing. (with a proper external) When your looking at your next system just remember the Mac can run both Mac OSX AND Windows while a dell can ONLY run windows.

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