If you are in a quiet sett


If you are in a quiet setting like a quiet room, a nice shot gun mic on a boom poll would work very well. You might even get away with just mounting the shot gun on the camera if you’re close enough. Make sure it’s a good one though.

If you’re in an area with a lot of outside noises, I’d suggest going with a wireless lapel mic set up. This will isolate your interviewee and allow you to pick them up better and should work very well when set up right.

As far as shooting in frame mode, if you’re planning on showing this on a TV you don’t want to use frame mode. You’ll want to use regular interlaced mode. If you’re planning on using this on the web only, then you could try using frame mode. You’ll won’t get very good results in trying for the film look by going the way you’re talking about. Documentaries and movies are two somewhat different animals.


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