If you are going to interv


If you are going to interview people, you want to do one person at a time. So I don’t see why you would need more than a 2-channel adapter(but maybe one day you will need more, who knows). Monitoring with headphones is perfect.

For an interview, it’s best to use a wired lavalier mic and clip it on their chest area. So it’s best if the subject wears a button-up shirt. You can clip it to their collar, but it’s ugly and not optimal. Avoid using wireless mics; they should be a last resort.

As far as powering the adapter, I’m not sure. I think they’re battery powered, but I could be wrong. I’ve never used one before. Look into purchasing a BeachTek adapter. They seem to be popular.

If you are recording more than 2 tracks, I’m not sure if they will be separate when you record to tape. I don’t think tape records more than 2 channels. I’ve never recorded more than 2 channels either, so I could be wrong about that too. But if you do successfully record more than 2separatechannels, you should be able to edit each one individually in your NLE

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