If you are charging over 3K,


If you are charging over 3K, then you NEED contracts. You really need to be able to project a businesslike front – and your spelling is pretty dreadful. You also can't use buzzwords like dedicated to excellence when you have small slips in the stuff you show us. 


One tip. If you charge $1500, then don't expect that client to pay $3000 for the next one. 


Let's be honest. You mentioned the people who you consider the best. How long did it take to get that reputation? You are new, and still pretty green, so there is no way you will be able to command top dollar ….. yet. To expect it is unreasonable. You may get known for being reliable and cheap, while somebody else is know for style, quality and talent. It's very difficult to move up without the experience and background. 



ps what is disclosing payment information? Do you mean a gagging clause preventing them telling anyone how much you charged? If so – I doubt many people will agree to this one!


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