If they don’t crowd your b


If they don’t crowd your budget limits too much, the Zoom H1 (even though more expensive, the H2) make outstanding “audio bombs” to place where you need better sound acquisition: readers, officiant, B&G, stringed quartets & ensembles, soloists, etc.

A truly dependable and rugged wireless system such as the Sony UWP-V6 is GREAT but way over your limits; and most shotgun mic systems still will not deliver the clean, clear, crisp, sweet audio of a GREAT wireless or the Zoom units when placed properly in proximity to the desired sound sources.

Stereo often is or can be a good thing, especially in this day and age of 5.1 surround, but it’s mostly useless for anything other than music elements IMHO, so long as the mono audio on dialog/narrative comes over on both channels in post.

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