If the mic input on the HF


If the mic input on the HF20 is like the HV20, you’ll have to deliver signal from your soundboardto a 1/8″ stereo mini-plug. With the HV20 you can select auto or manual levels. I have to tell you though, if the HF is like the HV, it’s really hard to monitor the levels and the indicator levels aren’t so accurate. If it’s a critical event, you want back up sound from some other device. I’ve used a ZOOM H2 hooked up to a soundboard for music and vocal and my HV20 recording theambient hall sound – I sync them up later. I see that BeachTek and others make a boxthatadds XLR inputs to cameras like ours. I’ve never tried one becausethe price was the same for a ZOOM and Earl has written about them before and he isabsolutely right, they are worth the money, piece of mind, ease of use, easy to monitor.

So, you probably can fiddle with the HF20 input levels for use with a soundboard, BeachTek boxes will allow you to do that better than the HF20 at the expense of adding some audio complexity but if you used anauxiliary audio device you’d have two copies of your sound -redundancy is good.

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