If the laptop is set up with


If the laptop is set up with the usual stuff, like anti-virus, and whatever else is running in the background, your processor may be busy doing other tasks, and the RAM may be partially used up by programs that are not needed. That will definitely keep your editor from running well. How's your hard drive? Is it more than 70% full? Have you defragged it recently? NLEs need a lot of system resources and work best when they don't have to share resources.


I run Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on my four year old that has an I-5 2.4 GHz processor and 8GB of RAM, 64bit Windows 7. It's not nearly as good as my dedicated video workstation but for small jobs, it works just fine.  


Clean up your laptop, free up resources by shutting down any programs your don't need running in the background and you might see a nice improvement in performance.

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