If the budget remains non


If the budget remains non-existent, forget about the project. The ” fancy shmancy piece of equipment” to which you refer, the switcher, at the very least should have inputs for the two cameras and the capability to output to reference monitors at the board as well as to the viewing monitors or projectors. When not in use you should have the capability to transmit a still of some sort to the otherwise blank monitors.

If I were confronted with this project I would go to the nearest rental house and discuss the needs with them. They can advise you on exactly what to get. Next stop the performance artist, with costs. This is an either/or situation: either money up front for the equipment rentals or it’s a no-go. Do not pay for the rentals yourself and hope to get reimbursed. I’ve worked in theatrical, television and video production for over sixty years and can attest to the fact that performers tend to focus primarily on performing and not very much on the nuts and bolts of how their art gets produced. It’s vital that they understand fully the costs involved, including your fees, and have the money up-front to cover these.

Be sure you have an air-tight contract before you start on this project, spelling out exactly what you are expected to do, what the costs will be and the terms of your employment. I would insist that I be paid for my work before the performance began, not after it’s over. We failed to do this once in the early days of our business and were burned for hundreds of dollars when the “producer” left town with her husband for life in another state. She was sorry she couldn’t pay us, she said, but we were self holding the bag.

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