If shooting film, you’ll n

AvatarGrinner Hester

If shooting film, you’ll ned to iron out telecine costs before taking another step. Sounds like shooting video would be just fine in your case. Your gear requirements revolve around your needs. SD? HD? Do you really need make up artists? Can a simple 3 point light kit not do?
My thought is you are not quite ready for the overhead/risk. Staffing for some years to gain experience and contacts, the freelancing to home business skills would help wonders and limit much risk and frustration.
That said, if it helps, I shoot mainly with a Sony FX-1 with Cartoni support, Lowel lighting and just a few required mics and I post in an Avid Adrenaline suite with BCC AVX, Genarts Sapphire effects, After Effects and Photoshop, authoring with Avid DVDit when needed. I master mainly to Beta SP.

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