If memory serves, this is


If memory serves, this is one of their early versions of their HD camcorders. it on has 1 CMOS sensor and records in 1080i.

Personally, I would not buy it. I’ve been using the VX2100 for a few years now. It is SD but the picture is crystal clear and has very good low light.

It is 3 CCD’s @ 1/3 inch.

Great camera. Best I’ve ever owned.

Personally if you are going to go HD, and can only afford this price range for a camera, then instead of getting a low quality HD camera that will be obsolete in a year, Get a really good SD camera that is top of the line, then make the switch later when better HD cameras come down in price.

That HD camera is not even as good as SD camera.

Anyway, just my thought.

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