if it were simply a hum or


if it were simply a hum or a buzz, that could be fixed in post production. But since it is a generator and jackhammer, you will have to do ADR. While it may cost you money to pay the actors to come back, ADR is much easier than trying to fix the poorly recorded audio. Most likely it will be less time consuming as well. So choose where you want to spend your money…paying your editor for working long hours so he can fix audio that probably won’t come our right anyway, or paying actors to come back for a day and re-record properly.

Do not take audio lightly. It is the most important part of video. You get more information from the audio than you do from the visuals. So if you’re audio isn’t perfect, there is no way your video can be perfect.And trust me, your viewer will know when the audio sucks.

In my opinion though, this situation could have been avoidable. Who was in charge of recording audio? He or she should have heard at least the jackhammer in the background through headphones. You don’t even need headphones to hear a jackhammer…

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