If I’m understanding you c


If I’m understanding you correctly, when you have it in camera mode and you are trying to shoot video, the picture is scrambled in the viewfinders but when you are in VCR mode you can play the tape and the display (viewfinders) are fine… is that correct?

Also what kind of camera do you have and how old is it? Don’t say a GL2 because if it is then I have a pretty good idea what it might be.


Is the write protect switch on on the tape?

Did you try a different tape?

Have you cleaned the heads lately?

You said you built your new PC… did you connect your camera to it yet and try downloading anything? If so did the camera start to not work correctly after you did that?

You don’t have anything else plugged in when you’re trying to film do you?

If you can give us more details, one of us might be able to come up with the solution to your problem.


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