If I were to do this I wou

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

If I were to do this I would use BoinxTV for Mac or Adobe Visual Communicator for Windows. With this software’s you can connect two cameras (via firewire), select the PIP feature, hit record and it will be recorded to the computer you are using (laptop is recommended). I agree with Rob, is much better to do this in post because once you record the video to the computer hardrive that will be your final product and if you don’t like how it turn out you will not be able to fix it so easily. If you decide to use one of the programs be sure to record on tape in both cameras. This way you will have a backup on tape in case you want to edit it in post later and you will also have the same video recorded on the computer hardrive with the PIP effect. There are other ways to do PIP effect that are hardware base, but there are more expensive.

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