if i were buying a new box


if i were buying a new box, this is where i’d start:


then i’d buy a nice monitor, a $150 video card and i’d buy windows 7 off of ebay.

you’ll also need a smattering of other components like a cd rom, mouse, etc but you’d come in around your target and have a great box that would be easy to upgrade, lots of space, etc.

i’ve fallen in love with my 3 viewsonic 27 inch monitors, and i’ve got most of my money (actually a shameful amount) in the things i see/touch vs what’s under the hood of my box. i’m currently running a 3.2 ghz intel dual core with 8 gig of ram and windows ultimate in 32 bit mode (64 bit mode gave me too many software headaches for the difference i could see – which wasn’t much, and i don’t think that 32 bit uses more than 4 gig of memory anyway). of course, all of this could change when i start heavy video editing .. so i’m thinking mb/cpu/16 gig/64 bit windows upgrade.

the technology is never stable in the sense that anything you do will be obsoleted the second you get it.

it’s only money :).

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