If I understand your post


If I understand your post – you have pictures that you want to make into a movie and add music and titles. If yes, read the following:

Go to http://www.lqgraphics.com and download their program, Photo-to-Movie, which allows you to insert photos, then add music and titles. It also allows you to move around the photo in what is referred to as "the Ken Burns effect." This allows you to pan in or out, left to right, move in any direction and as many times as you want in the same picture, etc.

You can download the full program as a demo (which puts a watermark on any exported project). You can see if you like the program and if its worth $50. The program is available for Windows and Mac. If you like it, then you pay $50 and they give you a "key" to discontinue the watermark.

Photo-to-Movie is a great little program. I’ve made entire movies using just this program. I also use it for title and credit shots, and for DVD menus.

Try it and let us know if that is what you’re looking for.

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