If I might introduce mysel


If I might introduce myself as a dyed-in-the-wool PC Adobe Premiere user, CS5 to be exact, I can attest that CS5 does an okay job with native AVCHD, but truthfully, I have not yet tried long form video of an hour or more. Computer is a quad AMD with 8-G of RAM, 3-GHz processing with Blackmagic Intensity Pro, and 64 bit. (No Mercury Engine).

I am reading that when the computer begins to choke, which appears to happen around 40-min. or so, I do wish to consider a conversion, if that will help. If H.264 is best, or if DV-AVI can be done to retain the 16 x 9 A/R, does anyone know which might be best to minimize image quality loss or provide best editing, or both ? There are many conversion options built into Premiere’s Encoder, but no one suggests which is best for any particular circumstance. A lot of my long form video occurs in Wedding work, where I can easily have 2-hrs or more of raw footage.

HD Camera, BTW, is a Sony HDR-SR-12, a real sweetheart single CMOS unit with a 120-G Hard Drive, and when 1080i footage is shot at FS speed, (a higher speed than the normal SP), the image, under good lighting, is completely comparable to what is put out with much more expensive and very high end HD camcorders.

For me, one of the big treats in using this camcorder is that the AVCHD files, using a USB cord connected to the camcorder, can copy and paste video files directly into the computer without having to “capture” the footage at real time, which I have always had to do with my PD-150 SD-DV tape camcorder.

If, however, to facilitate editing, I am advised to convert this footage to something else, I may need to trade the bullet of saved time for easier editing in another format after conversion.

What would seem to be the best way to proceed ?

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