“If I import a clip, does


“If I import a clip, does the audio meter act as that clip is at 0dB because I haven’t increased or decreased it yet? Or does it actually measure the amplitude of the audio waves and somehow calculate the dB from that?”

I’m not sure about then engineering how the audio meter works in an NLE, but it’s one of those “what you see is what you get” things. So if you imported a clip and it’s reading -X on your meter, then thats what it will be when you export to tape. So adjust accordingly.

“I don’t know how I’m going to set audio levels on a DV deck… I use a camera to capture my footage because I’m poor and decks are way too expensive right now. :-/”

Sorry. I’m a bit out of it from editing for long hours. They didn’t adjust audio on the deck itself. They sent tone from the mixer and adjusted it on the mixer until it read 0 on the meter of the deck.

How they did it isirrelevantto what I was making a point about anyway. I was trying to make the point that tone was set to the average level of what we were recording. So to take that situation and compare it to yours, set tone to match the average dB level of your sequence.

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