If Daniel is in the UK – we


If Daniel is in the UK – we have no 'fair use' keep out of jail. If you use intellectual property in any form – sound, images or words, then the person who owns them can object, and if they wish, seek redress. Would it not just be simpler and more honest to ask? I've done this lots, and sometimes it's just yes – it's fine once they know what it is all about. Other times they want a fee (large or small) and sometimes it's a blank NO! I co-wrote a somng in the late 70s about the Roald Dhal character, Fungus the Bogeyman. I asked and got a legal letter instructing me to cease and desist any use of the character's name, which was not at all what I expected. Fair Use – the often cited way around copyright in the US isn't that straightforward either – as there needs to be certain other elements in play – fair use in examination, parady or analysis seem straightforward, but just using it isn't fair use at all? We have an on-line court system in the UK, and now we have an intellectual property court too – so taking people to court is quite cheap and simple.

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