If convincing the offician


If convincing the officiant will not work and you don’t want to throw out the gig, I’d consider using the one-and-only camera as you locked-off shot and then hide two unconspicuous camera persons posing as guests (probably using consumer level camcorders) near the front seating area. It’s not ideal, but it will give you more angles. If the officiant objects to "guests" having video cameras, then you really have a problem. Have the bride find out if the officiant prohibits guests with video cameras. She could say "ya know, [insert a relatives name here] can’t make it and my cousin is going to bring his camcorder to record it so [relative’s name] can watch it back at home."

This scenario is one of the many reasons why many videographers don’t last long in wedding videography. It’s a tough business to be in. You’re wise to consider declining to do the job. Do you think it’s better to decline work and suffer some poor customer relations and immediate income or put out bad work and suffer whatever consequences that might bring?

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