“… if Avid is so stable,


“… if Avid is so stable, why do they make most of their money from tech support?”


As the Bard would have said, ‘Stuff happens’. Advanced software and hardware no matter how ‘stable’ the system still goes off the rails on occasion. The more complex the system, the more opportunities for system conflicts. That’s where most of the big name outfits make their ‘rent money’ in tech support. It’s the ‘drug dealer’ scenario. You pay for something and by virtue of you purchasing it, you’ll have to come back to either get more or get help dealing with it. All of which you have to pay for. No company makes software or hardware that is perfect and maintence free. Even if they could, they wouldn’t because they’d lose a metric ton of money from the tech support. You yourself paid for a high-end support package from the company you purchased your system from. It came in handy from what I understand. Imagine if you bought a full-on Media Composer Array with Nitris and a couple of racks with 30-40 TB’s worth of realtime storage capacity. You’d be retarded if you didn’t purchase a solid support package to back you up. Remember, these guys are in business to make money. In their minds, good product + good tech support = $$$$ and they expect you to pay for it.

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