“If anyone ever made a fea


“If anyone ever made a feature film with Premiere, it would go straight
to DVD and then straight to one of those closeout DVD bins at the
grocery store.”

“Superman Returns” 2006.


NBC’s “The Tonight Show”

Yup. All “Bargin Bin” setups.

Discovery Channel also uses Sony Vegas. FCP is just one of many good tools. Besides, you don’t need Apple Color when you can get Cineform or Colorista II. Avid is a far more professional tool than FCP. FCP is based off of the Premiere format so instead of ‘fisher price’ it must be ‘Duplo’. The goal is to get your work done in the manner you find most efficient and cost-effective. You’ve found yours in FCP, others in Premiere and other programs. It’s a happy world after all.

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