“… if Adobe had a codec


“… if Adobe had a codec that was on the level of Apple’s ProRes or Avid’s DNxHD, Premier would be set.”

I definitely agree with you there. As for which is ‘better’ concerning stand alone or online, I don’t believe there’s a ‘better’. You only need online editing when you’re working with a facility utilizing a server-based workflow among multiple editors at once. If you are working with other editors in an individually collaborative environment, you just need to workout what primary codec’s you’ll use and how/when you share the elements being made at a particular stage. It takes a bit longer, but it’s a similar principle to onlining (potentially far less expensive too!)

Much fun as I poke at Apple, I do find it disturbing how they’ve all but told the users of Pro Apps “C-Ya!” I know right now mobile computing is where the money’s going to come from, but it’s going to be a while before you can do anything significant with a mobile ‘iDevice’. But that’s how business goes.

Yeah, I’d love to get a DVR, but when I contacted BMD they said no plans were in the works for making it windows friendly. However Magic Bullet Colorista II looks like a good option until then.

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