If a bride gives me a cd w


If a bride gives me a cd with a song to include in her wedding DVD, and I give the cd back when the work is complete, without retaining a copy of the cd, how is that stealing? Because she paid me to put it on her disc. She didn’t buy or rent the song from me. I didn’t provide the copy. She paid me the labor cost to do it. Are the disagree-ers saying that she has to be the one to do the work for it to be legal?

Does the DJ who played the songs at the wedding have the right to play the songs publically?

I think the law may protect copyright owners from such use but being a copyright owners of various content myself, I’m not about to sue some guy 1500 miles away because he used something I own in a small handful of DVDs. What am I to gain? Honestly, not enough to make the lawsuit worthwhile.

I’m not reselling anyones copyrighted content for personnal gain. I’m using what someone else legally bought for THEIR personnal use. THATS IT!! If some of you are too scared to work like this, so be it. As for me, if a customer wants it, the customer gets it! It’s no more illegal than recording a song played on the radio. Turn me in. I bet nothing happens.

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