Idon’tthinkI saw it mentio


Idon’tthinkI saw it mentionedhere,butthe Sony EX1shoots “TrueHD” at 1920×1080.Ithink itcanshoot1920x1080p at 30 fpsand 1920x1080i at60 fps (not sure about that) andIdon’tthinkitcanshoot 24p (personally I only see this as usefull if you plan to transfer to film).

Ithink itcostsaround $7k,so it’s morethan yourbudgetcalls for, but it’s not quite $30k. πŸ˜›

BTW, the 2009 digital swichover for US broadcasttelevisionis NOT a switchto HD.Itis onlydigital switchoverso SD will still be broadcast (forusers withan oldertelevisionandaconverterbox).Ididn’tsee ifthis was clarified in apreviouspostsoI just wantedto clarify it.

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