Idon’tthinkanyonecantell y


Idon’tthinkanyonecantell youthemagicalthingtosuddenlymake your writing great.

The onlythingsIcantell you arethethings Ido myself.Thefirstthingis,never throwout your writing.Anddon’t expectitto beperfect onthe first try.For example, one script I’m working on I’m onthe 4thor 5threvision (which, btw, is a comedy).WhatIdois write everythingIhavein myheadas bestIcan,giveit afewdays off,thengo backandread it overmakingcorrections whereIsee fit.Sometimes,asin thiscase,Ido virtuallyacompletere-write whereI printout my script,then start “fresh” andreadovera scene, thenre-writeit different from whatIhave printedout.

Writingishard andtakesa lotof practice.It’s notsomething youcan just be goodat over night.LikeI said, I’m on my 4thcompletere-write of oneof my scripts.Just keep working at it and maybe try and mix things up every now and then. Try a storyboard style instead sometime.

But mostimportantly, believein yourself!Don’t ever doubt yourselfand just keep workingatit.

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