I’d swap the dolly for a g

AvatarGrinner Hester

I’d swap the dolly for a glidecam and call it done.

Toting sticks just isn’t feasible in all documentary sitiations and I can’t think of a time where a dolly would add anything but frustration, hours, and loss of shots. Even the glidecam will be used little to nada but it’s easier hauled than the other stuff and better used in reality situations. Being that it’s an African trip, you may elect to leave the glidecam behind as well. Less is more in these situations. You just need a good camera, a pocket full of batteries and a pocket full of discs. Lighting can be handled by simple mobile LEDs. You can get everything you need audio-wise with a simple Rode shotgun. Remaining mobile at all times is what will gain you shots galore.

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