I’d suggest you get on the


I’d suggest you get on the ‘net and research the types of jobs you’ve been asked to do. You will likely find sites that list their charges for similar work. Then you’ll have to decide if you can afford to do the work for the same prices they charge.

If it’s duplicating, burning CDs, etc., the answer will probably be “no.” There are production houses that do that all day, every day and their volume will probably allow them to undercut you.

For pricing weddings, event coverage, etc., get on the ‘net or simply “shop” videographers in your area to see what they charge (don’t identify yourself as a competitor but as a potential customer).

For full editing and post production services, a reasonable rule of thumb is $1,000 per finished minute…or $30,000 for a 30 minute video. But that will probably take you several weeks to complete and will require a significant investment in professional quality equipment.

All of what I’ve said assumes you’re trying to make a living. If you want to do favors for friends and family, price your work as you see fit without regard to profit.

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